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cdcover the girl and the boy
Release year: 2002


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The CD is distributed to most of the western countries and available widely at Internet, streaming and download shops.

You can buy Phønix for download direct at Itunes as well.


the girl and the boy

"The latest from this marvelous Danish folk-fusion ensemble is their best. This band, while always excellent, has always been right on the verge if finding their unique voice, and with the production help of Morten Alfred Hoirup they really have. A strong reed sound and a much greater emphasis on vocals make this as a super recording of Nordic roots. - Cliff Furnald, Rootsworld, May 2002"

"In short, Phonix haven't put a foot wrong in the creation of this CD, and its appeal should extend far beyond Denmark and the Danish Diaspora" - Stephen Hunt, Greenman review
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"Phønix has been for a long while one of the most exciting bands from Denmark, if not from Europe. The addition of the singer can only add to the band's attraction. Absolutely wonderful stuff!" - Michael Moll, Folkworld
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"The Girl and the Boy" is Phønix's fourth but it is the first release from the band to contain both vocal and instrumental music. The numbers on the album are a mixture of newly composed tunes and texts taken from the treasure trove of Scandinavian folk poetry and song. The texts add a whole new dimension to the unique Phønix style and sound, of original and complicated arrangements. The melodies and words weave elegantly around one another and create a living and intense whole.

The title number "The Girl and the Boy" is a story about a young couple that meet on the dance floor, and is in a way a microcosm of all the album's songs. They all contain a meeting for better or for worse, between two opposing forces; order and chaos, justice and repression, life and death, stupidity and intelligence, beauty and ugliness or male and female.

With this album Phønix is yet again pushing back the boundaries of the Danish music tradition, taking a number of relevant, human songs, and bringing them into the new millennium in new clothes.


01. Tyge Hermansen
(Text: Trad. Mel: Trad./Jesper Vinther)
02. Lørdag Aften
03. Mangelus
(Text: Trad. Mel: Katja Mikkelsen/trad.)
04. Drømmen
05. Lydian
06. Palindrom
07. 2002 2002 2002
08. Ind og Ud
09. Sven Nordmand
10. 7 Brødre
11. Melgven
12. Dronning Dagmar
(Text: Trad. Mel: Karen Mose. Text arr. Karen Mose)
13. Pigen og Drengen
(Text: Trad. Mel: Karen Mose/trad. Oversat af Karen Mose)
14. Liden Ingeborg


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